Created during the end of lockdown in the UK (March 2021), Finally Let Out is an online space for sharing what’s new in the shops.

If like me, you love to have a cheeky mooch around the shops but haven’t been able to during the pandemic, don’t worry, I’m here to share as many must have things as I possibly can!

My love of shopping and visual merchandise makes me the perfect candidate to bring you the newest trends on the market. I have also worked as a home goods and jewellery buyer in the e-commerce world for many years, so I have an eye for what’s hot or not!

Covid rules permitted, I’ll be sharing what’s new in home decor, fashion, food & drink, beauty, stationery and what’s only available online.

I think store displays and visual merchandising will play an even bigger part of the marketing strategies and philosophies used by brands, in order to lure in the humble consumer to spend all the pennies that they’ve been saving over the past year in lockdown, so I’ll be sharing my favourites on the blog.

Also, if you keep reading “Finally Let Out” as “Finally Le Tout”, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! I quite like the latter as anything French just comes across a lot more sophisticated! Plus, in the French language, le tout means the whole package, which is what I’m bringing you! And, in the English language tout means to sell, which I’m trying to do in a way, by plugging all the things I like!

My Instagram page is dedicated to all things home decor but you’ll find a lot more other topics right here on the website!

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see shared on the blog, please get in touch.